3. Menstrual problems:

Women who indulge in vigorous exercise, may have irregular periods, heavy or loss of their normal menstrual cycles. You need to review your current nutritional status, exercise regimen and overall health in such circumstances.

4. Eating disorders:

Those who are addicted to exercising have just fitness goals in mind. In their quest to achieve the desired fitness goal, they become prone to various eating disorders. Such people are more likely to fall bait to disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

5. Fatigue:

Over exercising leaves you drained. Mental or physical exhaustion can affect you in several ways. Your arduous exercise routine doesn’t let your body rejuvenate and you are left fatigued and tired with no energy left for anything else. You may also develop chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Hampers heart health:

While exercising, the heart rate temporarily increases. Over-exercising can put stress on the heart to get back to normal heart rate. Moreover, there is always a lurking risk of a heart attack during exercise if you have a known problem with your heart.

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