You’re not cleaning your razor

Razors can collect bacteria from your skin, and can then breed more germs while sitting in a damp, dark shower. That’s why you must rinse it with scalding hot water before each use, says Sanford Vieder, MD, of Lakes Urgent Care in Michigan. Skipping this step can opening you up to infection, especially if you cut yourself, but even if you don’t.

“When you use the razor you can obviously nick yourself and give yourself a cut, but the razor is also going to make very microscopic tears in the skin that can be a portal of entry for bacteria or fungus,” adds Dr. Piliang.

You should replace your razor blade completely about once a week. “If you use a dull blade you are at a greater risk of cutting your skin and creating an entryway for that bacteria to come in,” warns Dr. Vieder.


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