Don’t let the winter weather stop you from pounding the pavement. We’ve got five good reasons that running in cold weather is actually good for you—so lace up your sneakers, bundle up, and get running!

1. It’s the ideal weather for running.
Believe it or not, cold weather is actually ideal for your run, says Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist, sports performance coach, and author of The Marathon Method. “The colder the weather, the less heat stress on the body, which makes it significantly easier to run. Running in hot and humid weather is extremely taxing on the body–there is a reason why the majority of marathons are held in October and November.”

2. Running is a great tool for preventing winter weight gain.
Getting yourself to the gym is a challenge in itself (especially during winter months), and a treadmill at home can get boring, which is why we love running outdoors. It’s free, convenient, and never dull. “We tend to move less and eat more in the colder months,” Holland says. “Running burns significant calories and is therefore a powerful tool in maintaining and even losing weight during winter.”

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