Exercise is always considered good for health. Without adding physical activity in your fitness routines or weight loss routines, it’s next to impossible to achieve the desired goal.

Hitting the gym, a jog in the park, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, practicing martial arts, etc., can be a part of your regular exercise routines.

Many people exercise to remain fit, others do it to achieve a particular weight goal, some even suffer from lack of it. But there are also those, who soon become addicted to their workout and intentionally or unintentionally overdo it.​

Like excess of anything is bad for health, too much of exercise can be harmful too. This is why it is important that you give the body a much-deserved break when it needs to rest after strenuous workouts.

Therefore, it’s important to be well aware of the negative aspects of over-exercising.

1. Osteoarthritis:

Also referred to as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis causes inflammation of the joints in the body. One of the risk factors that may contribute to the health condition is too much exercise.

2. Targets mental health:

Exercise and physical activity play a crucial role in shaping your own image about yourself and your life as a whole. According to studies, excessive exercise causes poor mental health, sometimes resulting in depression.

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