Pace your race

When the gun goes off, don’t go all out. Start slow, and conserve energy for the race’s second half. If you panic or feel like you won’t finish, push that negativity out of your mind. Simply slow your pace, and focus on breathing, Hadfield says. And remember: It’s perfectly OK to walk.

Stretch it off

Post-race, walk around for a few minutes, then do some quad, hamstring, and calf stretches to prevent soreness. After you and your friends regroup, snap a finisher photo. Then head to the spa—after six weeks of training, you deserve some pampering.

How to train

If you run 3 to 4 miles three times a week, here’s how to tackle a 10K:

• Do two 40- to 50-minute runs weekly.
• Add a longer, slower run (45 to 90 minutes) on the weekends.
• Cross-train for 45 minutes one or two times a week.

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