7. Sore muscles:

Constant muscle soreness is one of the signs that you are exercising more than you should. Joints, bones and limbs may start to hurt when there is an overuse of muscles. Whether you are doing strength training or cardio, ensure that your body gets enough time to revitalize.

8. Sleep problems:

In a state of overload, you are at a greater risk of falling victim to sleep problems and even insomnia. When your muscles are overworked, you become restless and have problems falling asleep.

9. Impacts immunity:

If you are prone to falling ill with common cold or seasonal flu and other minor infections, over exercising could be the culprit. Excessive exercise suppresses your immune system, leading to frequent viral infections.

10. Backache:

An overdose of exercise can overwork the back muscles and can also sometimes place unwanted stress on the spine, which may result in a backache.


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